By Aashni Rungta and Aarshiya Gorkhali

Premerians are taught to become global citizens and give back to society in every way possible. As a form of gratitude to give back to the Uncles and Aunties who take care of students on a regular basis and maintain the school environment, this day has been set aside to celebrate them before the occasion of  Dashain, when the entire school community goes for a long break along with their families to celebrate the joyous festival. The event took place in-person for all the Uncles and Aunties along with teachers and the Student Council members, while other students enjoyed the event virtually. The event was held on 6thOctober 2021, from 9:00am and led by the school’s “Student Activity Council” , a student leadership body in Premier.

The event started with a heartwarming welcome speech from a member of the Student Council followed by various performances dedicated to the Uncles and Aunties with endearment. Despite the performances being pre-recorded, the chain of emotions that passed through the Uncles and Aunties was exceptional to witness. As the performances took a small break, all Uncles and Aunties were felicitated through khada by the School Directors, School President and Vice-President. Afterwards, the School Managing Director Mr. Basant Thapa shared a short history about the celebration of Uncle and Aunty Day practiced in Premiere. As the event proceeded, the remaining performance clips of students were shared, which included various forms of expression such as dancing, singing, poem reciting, instrumental tunes and encouraging speeches

As the performances came to an end, the Vice Principal Ms. Kanchan Mary Pradhan, gave a vote of thanks to the entire Student Council and especially the Uncles and Aunties that have been supporting the Premier family through all kinds of hardships. Similarly, a parent representative from grade 10, came forward to express his gratitude to all the Uncles and Aunties for all they have been doing in the past years and especially in the time of the Covid-19 pandemic. This event came to an end on a very delightful note, followed by a short photography session with all the Uncles and Aunties present.