By Alina Giri

On 12 October 2021, Premier International School provided every child and his or her parents an opportunity to talk about a few books that they found interesting using an online communications platform. It was an opportunity for the students to share their most favorite stories during the Hindu festival of Dashain. Every child was to record a video of themselves talking about the book for up to 1 minute.  It was a casual chance for students to express their views on the specific number of books to their parents and others voluntarily.

The task was intended to keep the information flow between the school life and festive mood of children, necessarily keeping them intact with their normal routine. There were no rules or requirements for the story to be told; the intention was to serve as a special reminder of the bond between children and their parents.

Most students shared their views on the books in a thought-provoking manner. It was a short exercise between children and parents. As part of the several effective strategies to instill a love of reading among all students, book talks are one of the most fun and engaging ones especially when it is done with parents/guardians. Eventually, these activities act as bridges to prevent any possible communications gap between the school community and students. 

In the end, this parent and student book talk session was unquestionably a gentle reminder of the importance of spending time bonding with loved ones. With this, Premier’s book talk event came to an end successfully. Below are a few videos we would like to share with parents, teachers and our fellow students!