Bavinee Shrestha-Thapa

It is interesting to note that Nepal signed the United Nations’ 1989 Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) on September 14, 1990 to express its international commitment to child development, protection of child rights and child participation. The aforesaid convention is a legally-binding international agreement setting out the civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights of every child, regardless of their race, religion or abilities. As a result, Nepal has been celebrating National Children’s Day on September 14 every year which we also observed well at Premier International School on 14th September 2021. 

Similarly, in line with the objectives of the UNCRC, the school hosts various activities at Premier, offering a platform for children (students) from different grades to express their talents and importantly, to encourage their participation. ‘Marvelous Monday’ is a recurring monthly event at Premier aimed particularly for the students from Grade 1 to 3, to let the students have an opportunity to reflect their diverse talents and enhance their confidence and participation.  In this light, on the 20th of September 2021, the students of Grade 1 to 3 participated in the monthly ‘Marvelous Monday’ event, where they cheerfully presented different types of performances such as dance, singing, and playing musical instruments. Essentially, despite the online learning platform, the students of Grade 1 to 3 had a joyful event via a Zoom conference call. 

As per the schedule, the event started at 1:30 pm and ended at 2 pm. The event was presided over by Ms. Soni Gurung and Ms. Salina Bhandari from Premier International IB World School. Ms. Soni Gurung briefed everyone on the program’s expectations and the common rules for online etiquette to ensure the program runs smoothly. Thereafter, Ms. Salina Bhandari welcomed all the participants with encouraging remarks. It should be noted that in each of these Marvelous Monday events, only a few students get the opportunity to perform while the rest of the students are usually the audience. Nevertheless, each student would certainly get their chance over a period of monthly events to perform their interests. All the students and teachers enjoyed interesting individual talents from recorded videos of the selected participants. The event was finally concluded with pleasing closing remarks from both Ms. Soni Gurung  and Ms. Salina Bhandari. 

The cheerful participants for this month’s ‘Marvelous Monday’ were:

  • Sativa: poem recital 
  • Harshita Agrawal: Gymnastic tricks
  • Parambhi Puri: Nepali dance 
  • Arpan Pande: ‘Kung fu’ skills
  • Veohm Shrestha-Thapa: Piano
  • Nistra Mistra: Nepali dance
  • Krishna: A Song
  • Yuvana Pokhrel: Nepali dance
  • Saurav: Dance 
  • Anika Saraf: Magic show