By Christina Khadka

The first introductory career counseling session was held on September 19, 2021 Sunday within our school premises. This guidance session was hosted by Mr. Sabin Joshi, Mr. Suyog Katuwal  and the team of the Advisory Center for International Education. The main motive of the session was to assist the students and help them figure out their career paths by giving suggestions to them. Students from grade 10-12 were present in this forum which was mainly conducted by  Mr. Joshi who has more than 14 years of experience in the field of Education, Hotels and Financial Services. He has worked with several organizations here in Nepal and has also been the CEO of C.G. Education, which owned and managed 17 different schools and colleges in Nepal. He was also the director and corporate development head of a London based education which makes him a more proficient personality in his field.  

Therefore, this session amongst  the students and guest speaker was informative as it helped the students discover their realizations on their field of interest and what inner capabilities they have for the coming time. The session started with a warm-up activity named as the dot-game for students, to grow more positive and familiar with the environment. This game brought the students to a self- realization of the fact that many people tend to have similar starting points but different and unique destinations. Mr. Joshi further emphasized on how different all individuals tend to be and that 10 years down the line, some of them would be engaged in other forms of entrepreneurship, while some may still remain indecisive. The major concentration of the entire counselling session was to engrave a feeling of responsibility within all students to start preparing the road maps for their future academic and career decisions. Believing that it is never too late to start, students uncovered various details about universities, applications, scholarships, qualifications and importantly a brief idea on  pursuing their further education abroad or in Nepal. 

Overall the students had a wonderful time at the session, learning and comprehending more about which direction they are to go. As Mr. Joshi mentioned, this was a very brief introductory session for all the students to start prioritizing their vision and career path. Hence, many more of such sessions are expected to be held in the coming days with exceptional learning and guidance from the team.