By Alina Giri

Once every month, Premier International school provides the young scholars of premier an opportunity to showcase their marvellous talents. On 22nd of September 2021, Premier organized ‘Young talents of  Premier’ for the former preschoolers. Going by the definition of talent which is, a person’s natural ability to be good at something especially without being taught, Premier believes that everyone has unique talents, and should definitely be given the exposure to embrace it. For the same reason, our young scholars from a very young age are given the platform to enable them to showcase their talents once in a month.

The exciting program which began at 1:30 pm and successfully ended at 2:00 pm, started with a brief introduction of the former participants by the Pre-school Coordinator, Ms. Gowri Kunwar. As the program was being conducted virtually, pre- recorded performances were showcased to the audience, yet everyone was delighted looking at the exciting talents through the recorded videos. The event took place between grade foundation to Pre-2. To mark such young talents of Premerians, only a few students out of many got to express themselves through their abilities while others were spectators at the event.

The participants at this program are:

1.Reyansh Poudel (foundation)

2.Samayah Acharya (pre 2)

3.Praket Yadav (foundation)

4.Liam Rayamajhi (pre 1)

5.Sanvi Udash (pre 2)

6.Jaivik Garg (pre 1)

7. Lyra Aryal (Pre 2)

The participants showed their impressive talents in various forms of expression such as dancing, singing, giving a speech on their areas of interests, and brief exercise sessions. The student’s tremendous efforts to show their abilities though done virtually, amused the teachers who were also happy to see the level of confidence the students exhibited given this opportunity at a young age. The event came to a close with a closing remark from Ms. Gowri who congratulated all the participants and commended them for the tremendous efforts they put into their various performances.