By Aarshiya Gorkhali


Everyone requires a platform to showcase their talent, fulfil their objective and build their confidence. Premier International School provides a platform for students where they can express themselves and share their talents. The 4th and 5th graders of Premier are provided with the opportunity to showcase their talent once every month through the Enchanter’s Act. For this month of September, the event took place on 24th 2021, virtually.  

This event started from 1:30pm to 2:00pm as scheduled and was led by the fifth grade students. As Enchanter’s Act took place virtually due to the current COVID 19 pandemic situation, students shared their talents through pre recorded videos. Although the performances were recorded beforehand, this did not stop the students from presenting extraordinarily. Not all students were able to share their talents and abilities due to the time restriction but, the ones who did, gave in their best.

The participants for this event were:

  1.     Sanna Agrawal -4B
  2.     Abim Roka Magar -5B
  3.     Saachi Jindal- 4Y
  4.     Irien Singh Swar -5Y
  5.     Bimarsh Sharma -4B
  6.     Zoea Maharjan -4Y
  7.     Arnav Jain -5B 
  8.     Arnav Singh Kunwar -4B


These young minds, expressed themselves with their remarkable talents through different forms like dancing, singing, playing instruments and through art works which amused their teachers and friends. As the program came to an end, the teachers present at the program appreciated the students for their tremendous effort in showcasing their talent with remarkable confidence.