By: Sanabhi Gupta and Aarav Agrawal  

The International Sports Federation, commonly known as ISF, is an international sports governing body for school sports. Founded in 1972, it has become an extraordinary place for schools all over the world to come together and share their athletic skills and unique cultures. Premier International IB World School has revolutionized education in Nepal by playing a lead role in introducing international-level sports infrastructure and programs, paving the path for development in the country’s overall education system, and fostering truly competent and well-rounded 21st-century students. One of the most important collaborations in the history of Premier’s Sport was made after the school had successfully gotten full membership in the ISF. This marvelous collaboration has opened new gates of opportunities for Premierians. 

Recently, the ISF Gymnasiade Normandy 2022 was held from May 14th to 22nd 2022, at the school; Mr. Jebish Poudel, Mr. Sujal Balay Shrestha, Mr. Sujal Rajkarnikar, and Mr. Pemba Sherpa participated at the event which was held in France for basketball and swimming. With the acquisition of full membership of ISF, Premierians can now participate in international sports competitions. “It was amazing seeing our boys play for the country” stated the Vice Principal, Ms. Kanchan Mary Pradhan, the school basketball coach, Mr. Sadish Pradhan, also stated that it was a good experience and exposure for the team who got to play with international players and learn from them. Mr. Jebish Poudel, who had been selected for swimming also said that the trip to Normandy France was a proud moment for them. 

Premarians got such a great privilege to participate internationally in the ISF Gymnasiade Normandy 2022 in France, and this collaboration will open up new avenues for the students to showcase their talent on a larger stage. Premier has always ventured out for many new collaborations, with the sole intention of developing the students, not just academically but physically to be balanced individuals.