By: Alina Giri and  Hriddhima Agarwal 

According to Margaret Mead, “Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” 

In the 21st generation of science and technology, children must be encouraged to learn with the help of real-life specialties instead of just concentrating on words from textbooks. NMTC (Nepal Montessori Training Center), also known as  INTC (International Montessori Training Center), is an organization of Premier International School that highlights both theoretical and practical aspects of learning. It is also a training institute for producing more good quality teachers.

On June 1, 2022, a sensorial seminar was held for NMTC trainees at Premier International IB World School’s executive Hall, to understand the essence of sensorial education and its influence on children. Sensorial education is one of the courses of Montessori education, to aid children’s learning, and it is believed to be the foundation of all other learning. The event started at 11:00 am with Ms. Pavitra Limbu welcoming all the guests in attendance.

Ms. Limbu admiringly believes that children are raw clay curious individuals who need to explore the outer world to integrally develop their whole body, mind, and spirit. Likewise, NMTC carries out the teaching process with the help of various fun activities such as cylinder blocks, color tablets, and many more. She further explained how the five senses (sight, taste, smell, sound, and touch) lead to knowledge development in young kids.

Thus, proudly encouraging better development and better growth in children, Ms. Limbu explained how PIS is the only school that promotes students’ understanding based on practical life exercises and experiences. It is important to understand that the essence of education is to help you discover your uniqueness. That is why the five main subjects taught in preschool are; practical life exercises, sensorial, mathematics, language, and culture, due to the important role they played in overall child development. Furthermore, she emphasized that the students should be free to explore, as it helps them create wings to soar higher.

The seminar was concluded at 1:00 pm with Ms. Pavitra acknowledging all the guest members for their presence. The seminar gave the trainees a good lesson that is important for their future careers, along with good ways to teach the curious learners.