By Alina Giri and Bavinee Shrestha

On August 13th, 2021 the CR (Class Representatives) selection was held from grade 6 to Grade 10 followed by the Presidential Elections on August 17th where the President and Vice-President were selected. It was a week-long event with various programs  like campaigns, debates, and negotiations between the aspirants. 

The results of the Election came out subsequently, and former student leaders expressed their cheerfulness saying: 

The entire week must have definitely been quite the rollercoaster ride for all of you. But we finally have the election results and the winner’s names ready. As the ex-president and vice president, we are very proud to have been a part of your participation and competition in this year’s election and very proud indeed to see such bright minds compete for SAC Presidency/Vice-Presidency and the responsibility of Class Representatives.  All of you did an amazing job and we are honestly quite impressed with everyone. Well, now that we finally have the election results out, we are extremely delighted to congratulate all our winners in their respective categories.We hope you have an amazing year leading the SAC and just discovering yourself as a leader and growing. We wish you the best for what is to come! 

Best wishes from,

President Drishant Maharjan and Vice-President Namas Thapa Magar” 

Hence, these are the names of all aspirants who have positioned themselves in their respective categories: 

Presidential Election Winner – Miss Dakshyata Tamang 

Vice-Presidential Election Winner – Master Kashyap Gauchan

Grade Male Candidate WinnerFemale Candidate Winner
From Grade 6 BlueHridayan Bir Singh ThapaAadlhya Adhikari (Tie)Navdha Tiwari (Tie)
From Grade 6 YellowAbhigya ShresthaSaurya Shrestha
From Grade 7 BlueJayeshJigya
From Grade 7 YellowSupreme MaharjanSamaira
From Grade 8 BlueVaibhav SilwalArpiya Lama
From Grade 8 YellowNaman RajgadiaAadhya Acharya
From Grade 9 BlueKavya KhatiwadaGianna Shakya
From Grade 9 Yellow Samraj ShresthaShambhabi Acharya  
From Grade 10 BlueSiddhant TamangArya Thapa
From Grade 10 YellowSumansh GautamAtisha Shakya

Therefore, with great pleasure the event came to an end and new student leaders for the year 2021-22 were introduced. The different leaders showcased their courage, confidence, potentiality, and leadership attributes to stand where they are today!

We would like to congratulate them and wish them an exceptional year ahead!