By Bavinee Shrestha and Prasamsa Moktan

The Presidential Debate of the academic year  2021-22 was held virtually On August 16. The Event was headed by the former President Drishant Maharjan, former Vice-President Namas Thapa Magar and a special panel member Aashni Rungta. The Presidential Debate this year was quite different from others because it was conducted virtually and candidates were allowed to express their views to everyone at the same time. They did not have to go to every classroom individually but rather, they had the opportunity to express their views to the masses virtually.

The aspirants for the post of President this year are :

Pranaya Bhassi G9B (Denoted by: Deer) 

Rajat Shrestha G9B (Denoted by: Wolf) 

Dakshyata Tamang G9B (Denoted by:Duck )

The aspirants for the post of Vice-President are: 

Rosha Neupane G9B (Denoted by: Triangle )

Anushka Lama (Denoted by : Butterfly)

Kashyap Gauchan G9B (Denoted by: Eagle)

Shahid Hussain G9Y(Denoted by : Dove) 

The candidates expressed their thinking process behind several promises which helped build a connection between the audience and the candidates as the audience were not only able to understand the campaigns but also their strengths and weaknesses. The candidates were able to advocate for different skills like that of leadership, uniqueness, communication, to name a few. Hence, after striking their thoughts to the audience on their respective strance in the elections, the Presidential Debate for the year 2021-22 was successfully concluded with best wishes for the ‘ Student Council Elections’.