By Prasamsa Mokatan and Namas Thapa

‘My Story’ session was conducted with our honorable guest speaker Miss Emily Taylor the founder of Teenager With Experience (TWE) a non profit organization that works for mental well being on August 19 2021. Emily is known to have established a non-profit organization and platform set up by teenagers for teenagers called (TWE), which is based in England. TWE as a globally accessible platform for teens with similar problems and hardship have created a common place where they could address their problems. The ‘My Story’ session hosted by the School Ambassadors was conducted in response to the current situation of various students and their hardships on dealing with mental health online during this ongoing global pandemic.

Emily shared her story on the challenges she faced as a university student and as the founder of TWE during the establishment of TWE after seeing teenagers of her age experience drawbacks and issues like hers. Emily further highlighted the difficulties she faced as a university student to cope up with her assignments, academics and others being the founder of TWE, and shed some light on balancing them both. She also mentioned how they categorized the organization’s insight in different categories like Mental Health, LGBTQ Community, Politics and others for problems to be addressed more efficiently.

She conceptualized her proposal of forming TWE and her willingness to help teenagers in hardships. She introduced everyone to a few of the members who attended the session from her organization and how they aim to create a worldwide platform for teenagers and people to learn and contribute to similar issues surrounding mental health, spotlighting their current goal to visit different educational institutions to help teenagers and provide them with the experience they require in dealing with mental health problems. 

We can not deny that little progress each day adds up to big results. The organization which started with 6 members has grown tremendously to 100 members who are working simultaneously to keep the organization together. The session of insightful discussions and thoughts came to an end with a brief question and answer session amongst the students and the TWE members and ending remarks given by Miss Emily Taylor and our School Ambassadors.