By Sanabhi Gupta (Grade 9B)

Sports day is an annual event celebrated by schools all over the world and Premier International IB Continuum is no different. The school values and celebrates the sports culture of the school with great recognition.  In the year 2023, the sports day was held to honor the art of playing and this time there were many games per student’s interest. The whole week held leagues and tournaments of football, basketball, cricket, and table tennis, while the marathon and class-wise fun relay race alongside the finals of all the games were held on the day of the sports gala which was on 10th February 2023 for grade 6 to 12 (both NEB and DP). This day was for showcasing and enjoying sports in front and alongside parents. 

Sports day is a day when students get to showcase their athletic abilities and compete with their peers in various sports and games. Sports Day is not only a fun event but also an opportunity for students to learn the importance of teamwork, perseverance, and sportsmanship. The sports gala was inaugurated by the School Principal- Mr. Niladri Sekhar Parial and the Curriculum Director- Ms. Pravina Thapa.

Here, in Premier, students got to participate in games they were interested in and excelled in too, while marathons and relays were available to all the students. Football, Basketball, Cricket, and Table Tennis were the sports that were played as the majority of the students are involved in those certain sports. Alongside the runner-up and winning teams, there were many individual recognitions like best bowler and best batsman in cricket, highest scorer and best player in basketball, the best player in Table Tennis, and best goalkeeper, best player and the highest scorer in football. 

Sports day is a legacy that Premier vows to fulfill with much dedication from the organizing committee, parents, and students. The students of Premier International IB Continuum School continue to show their sportsmanship and athletic performance through strength, balance, power, and fitness.