By Akshita Paudel (Grade 9B)

The student activity council (SAC) of Premier International IB Continuum School organized an annual high school dance on 17th February 2023. The dance, themed “Masquerade Ball,” was held at the school’s basketball court from 4:45 p.m. to 6:45 p.m. and was attended by students from grades 9, 10, +2 (NEB), and Diploma Programme (DP).

The dance was intended to encourage more social interaction among the students, divert their attention from their studies for a while, and have fun. In addition, there was a dress code that required males to wear suits and ties and girls to wear full gowns. The students were also allowed to bring two guests from outside the school. There was a variety of food and drink stalls for the students’ pleasure. A DJ was also present, who helped the students enjoy the program by energizing them even more with great songs to dance to. The photo booth added the beauty of the event which allowed the students to capture their memories. The high school dance had a really upbeat atmosphere, and all of the students were having fun and connecting with one another.

The dance gave students a wonderful chance to briefly put their academics on hold, relieve tension, and relax with their friends which rejuvenated the students and the participants present for the event.