By Aarshiya Gorkhali (Grade 9Y)

On 1st March 2023, a professional pathway session was organized in the Senior High-School (SHS) auditorium of Premier International IB Continuum School, for the students of grades 6-10. This event was led by the Student Activity Council (SAC) of the school. The guest speaker of the session was Mr. Binod Blon; the Chairperson of Phoenix Inspiration and the founder of Nepal Culture Hub. This professional pathway session allowed the students to learn more about the importance of learning a new language, especially Chinese.

Mr. Blon started the event on his part, by introducing himself. He talked about the 2 companies that he started and their functions. He shared that, the Nepal Culture Hub allows Nepali diplomats and ambassadors to learn Chinese and vice-versa whereas Phoenix Inspiration mainly focuses on the school level. In terms of how big the scope of learning a new language is, it is quite vast. It provides opportunities in the field of book translation, tourism, movie dubbing, and even in business ventures.

As the event came to the end, the floor was opened for a question and answer session from the audience. This session was quite interactive as the students learned the inspiration behind him starting his own company. He shared that the major reason behind his starting his own company was that he wanted to be an employer rather than an employee. Similarly, he added that the toughest part of his job is that there are no holidays or breaks but on the side, he can take leaves at any time as per need which is a benefit.

The event was very informative and interactive for the students as they got to learn about the importance of (Chinese) different languages and how they can benefit from them. He emphasized that learning different languages is crucial as it is a gateway to many more opportunities.