By Alina Giri

On July 10th, 2022, Premier International IB Continuum School held its first SEE Cup with active participation of students from different schools in Kathmandu Valley. The objective of the tournament was to provide a platform for the students to showcase their skills, have fun, and at the same time refresh them after their prolonged academic sessions. The players that were only permitted to take part in the tournament are students who completed the Secondary Education Examination (SEE).

The tournament was initiated with the ball handover ceremony by the Managing Director, Mr. Basant Thapa, at 9:30 am at the school’s futsal court. The opportunity was offered to students interested in futsal and basketball. To take part in the game, the students were required to register for their preferred sport, either futsal or basketball, and the game was played for two days. On the first day, all the league matches were completed, while all pre-quarter and final matches were held on July 11th, 2022. The audience, players, and teachers who watched the game were thrilled by the performance of the students. The tournament was made possible due to the contribution and participation of the students and the school’s sports coordinator, Mr. Raju Shrestha. The match incorporated professional referees and coaches who monitored the game.

The SEE Cup for the year 2022 officially concluded on July 11th, 2022, with active participation from students, teachers, and coaches. The winners were awarded certificates and cash prizes. The results for the tournament are given below:

For Futsal:

  • First Position: No Mercy School 
  • Second Position: SG Red School

 For Basketball:

  • First Position: New Zenith School 
  • Second Position: Hrit Academy School