By Saachi Kedia and Saurya Shrestha

Premier International IB Continuum School hosted an inter-class futsal and basketball competition from June 29th-30th 2022. The event featured students from grades 4 -10 who competed against each other. The futsal competition took place at the Senior High School futsal court, while the basketball competition took place at the basketball court; the match for the girls and the boys was played separately.

The game was organized as part of extracurricular activities after the 1st quarter examination to relieve students of academic stress and to develop potential in the players. Throughout the game, all players depicted outstanding sportsmanship by abiding by the regulations that applied to the matches. All participants played with the motive to make their team win. The needed resources for the match such as arranging players, ball and vibes, and coaches for the respective teams were managed by the extracurricular activities coach Mr. Vishal K.C and the school’s extracurricular activities and co-curricular activities coordinator Mr. Khazu Thakuri.

The results were announced on July 1st, 2022, during the morning assembly of the school, and medals were presented to winners by the school Principal Mr. Niladri Shekar Parial, the Vice Principal Mrs. Kanchan Mary Pradhan, and the MYP coordinator Ms. Badhuli Rath. 

For the futsal match for boys:

  • Winner for the grades 6 and 7 – Yellow Section
  • Winner for the grades 8, 9, and 10 – Blue Section

Futsal match for girls:

  • Winner for grades 8, 9, and 10 – Blue Section

Basketball competition for boys:

  • Winner for grades 6 and 7 – Group A as both the sections were combined.

Basketball competition for girls:

  • Winner for grades 6 and 7 – Blue Section

The Highest Scorer for the futsal tournament was Rajat Shrestha from grade 10 and Rejish Neupane got the Best Keeper certificate from grade 9. Similarly, Abhigya Shrestha from grade 7 yellow won the highest scorer in the futsal competition, Noah Rai from grade 7 yellow won the best keeper and Abim Roka Magar from grade 6 won the best player in the match.