By Alina Giri

CoachNepal comprises Nepal’s top-level coaches who are committed to arming individuals and students with skills such as first aid and medical safety survival skills, lifesaving and self-defense skills, which will help them defend themselves, and build their confidence. On 7th June 2022, Premier International IB Continuum School organized an introductory self-defense session for grades 8-10 students. The official class is set to begin in August 2022.

Several props and equipment were utilized by the officials of CoachNepal to simulate real-life contexts for the students. Its training package focuses on three core areas: self-defense, safety/medical aid, and survival skills.  With the aid of Nepal’s top-level coaches, the students were taught skills that will help keep them safe, safety measures and precautions to take in cases of emergency, they were given an introductory session on how to fight back when attacked, how to properly use the fire extinguisher and how to measure individuals’ heart and oxygen rates using a pulse oximeter.

The team from CoachNepal present were:

Simon Khatri: CEO 

Kushal Shrestha: Chief Coach 

Pema Lama: Coach 

Rikesh Bhandari: Assistant Coach 

Ramita Majhi: Assistant Coach 

Aaryan Pradhan: Photographer  

“We are confident that our training will, ultimately, set students on a lifelong path of self-enhancement and self-actualization,” said Simon Khatri, the CEO of CoachNepal.

The session was worthwhile for the students to learn about some important skills in life. Premier believes CoachNepal will help the students with self-defense and survival skills which is important in today’s world.