By Arnav Singh

On 30th June 2022, a ‘My Story’ session for the MYP students of Premier International IB Continuum School took place in the Senior High School Auditorium. The event began at 2:10 P.M. and was led by the Student Ambassadors. The event was conducted as a part of the school’s Nepali Literature Week, which was hosted to promote the Nepali language and Nepali literature. The guest for this session of My Story was Mr. Rajeev Dhar Joshi, the co-founder of Kathalaya, an organization that is focused on doing several jobs ranging from establishing libraries and schools in the rural areas in Nepal, hosting book festivals, taking part in book fairs, translating books into languages like Nepali, Newari and Maithili, and publishing books.

He was a very engaging speaker who frequently asked questions regarding literature and reading to sustain the attention of his audience while speaking. He began with a visual presentation about his experience working in the social service and education sectors, showed the hardships faced by children in rural areas while going to school in his presentation, and how Kathalaya has been helping them. He also expressed his love for literature and reading and the importance of reading books outside of one’s course books.

He also shared pictures of himself with various national and international personalities and shared his experience meeting them. He then concluded his presentation by telling the students about the experience he had working as an intern at a university in Oklahoma, USA. Afterward, the Principal of the school, Mr. Niladri Sekhar Parial gave a short speech emphasizing the importance of reading, writing, and various arts. The event came to an end with a short question and answer session where the audience cleared any doubts they had on the subject matter. The ‘My Story’ session gave the audience a sense of nationalism and pride and it also inspired the students to read and write stories, and poems and stirred up an appreciation for literature within them.