By Sanabhi Gupta and Aarav Agrawal

Bhanubhakta Acharya was a Nepali writer, poet, and translator, born on July 13th, 1814, in Chundi Ramgha village, in Tanahun District, Nepal. He acquired the title of ‘Adikavi’ for being the first poet of Nepal and a poet who created poetry with a profound understanding of inner essence. Like every year, Premier International IB Continuum School celebrated Nepali Sahityik Saptaha for the academic year 2079. The collaborative effort of students and teachers made the program a memorable one during the celebration. 

The week commenced with a brief introduction to Bhanubhakta Acharya on the assembly ground. The school’s Nepali teacher, Mr. Aychut Lamsal, proceeded to pay respect to ‘Adi Kavi Bhanubhakata Acharya’ gave a heartfelt speech about the celebrated poet, recited one of his poems in a melodious voice, and gave an overview of the week’s activity. To begin the week, the school’s principal, Mr. Niladri Parial Sekhar lit the Diyo and spoke a few words of enlightenment. The literacy week’s activities were knowledgeable, fun-filled, and action-packed. On the first day, students got a brief introduction to Bhanubhakta Acharya’s life. On the second day, different Nepali writers were introduced to the students, and the students were taught how to write and recite poems. On the third day, the students were taught creative writing and how to write interesting and heartfelt Nepali poems, and every student came up with their exclusive Nepali poems. On the fourth day, guest speakers who were academically versed in Nepali poems were invited to teach the children how to write Nepali stories, poems, and novels. They also emphasized the importance of reading books. On the last day, students and teachers wore their cultural dress to show how Nepal was a garland of different flowers. There was a poem recitation and dance performance from grades 1 to 10. In addition, Project Sarangi joined the program to teach students about Nepali musical instruments, partially ‘Sarangi’, and their importance too.

The literacy week was educational because the students got a lot of information about ‘Bhanubhakta Acharya’ and his work. They also learned the art of writing poetry and understood the importance of their cultures which was reflected through their cultural attire. The knowledge that they gained throughout this week was that the Nepali language is as unique and important as any other language in the world. 

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