By Sanabhi Gupta (Grade 9Y)

Science can be defined as a field of study that aims to understand and improve the world around us. It involves applying a systematic method to the study of natural and social phenomena. Every year, through a variety of dates, we observe national science days. It is a phenomenal day for science gigs to show off their scientific flair. On 9th September 2022, Premier International IB Continuum School organized one of the grandest science fairs with help of two fantastic science teachers- Ms. Rani Choraria and Ms. Vijayalaxmi. After weeks of hard work, this fair included presentations and experiments from MYP (Middle year program) and DP (Diploma Program) students.

PYP (Primary year program) had a small display section of their own solar system project in one part of the stage. The fair started with anchor Sakshaym and Panav, who called the school’s director and curriculum director to mark the opening of the event. The first performance was by 2nd graders who sang a science song. Then, students enthusiastically participated in the icebreaker activity presented by IBDP students. The third group from MYP did a science dance expressing the concept of elements, followed closely by another set of MYP students who had podcasted intriguing science facts. A batch of IBDP students brought the idea of an automated Premier with the help of their automated working Premier model.

Many groups had put up stalls to test the experiment in the hallways of Premier’s auditorium, and before showing their working model, they had explained it via Powerpoint presentation. After the projection by the first four groups, they had their turn. Interested students from MYP and DP had chosen their group and topic and worked with it. Going on with the verbal presentation of ‘Citrus oil and balloon experiment,’ to ‘Rainwater harvesting system,’ unto ‘Ruben’s Tube,’ towards ‘Solar Tyer Cooker and Solar Still,’ upon ‘conservation of energy,’ to ‘Gravitational Well,’ unto ‘Optical Illusion,’ and finally to ‘Line Following Robot.’

The presentation session concluded with students of MYP and DP visiting all the stalls to grab the concept and see amusing experiments, turn wise turn, and later returning to their own classes, still discussing and debating about the science fair.

This was a special day for science fanatics and a knowledge day for all. It started with MYP and IBDP students sharing an auditorium to listen to speakers talking about their topic alongside some icebreaker, song, and dance performances.