By Alina Giri, Grade 9 Blue

On the 3rd and 4th of August 2022, Premier International IB Continuum School organized an in-house session for the Premier Sports Academy (P.S.A) with National Men’s Football Captain as well as School sports brand ambassador Mr. Kiran Chemjong. The masterclass with Mr. Chemjong was amazing for the students of P.S.A. as they got to close play and interact with the captain. This opportunity was not limited only to the students of Premier but the students from other schools were invited as well.

Accepting the prospect, a brief match was held with the Senior team of P.S.A and Mr. Chemjong to showcase skills and play jointly. Mr. Chemjong, the national goalkeeper of Nepal,  held a short session for the students who played as a goalkeeper. He instructed them on simple skills and rules and provided feedback based on their performances.

Hence, it was a fruitful session and a great opportunity for the students and coaches of Premier  International Continuum School to honor their skills and techniques in football.  It left the atmosphere of P.S.A. optimistic, encouraging, and happy.