By Namas Thapa and Aashni Rungta 

On 14th of September, 2021 a short yet enjoyable program was hosted by the school for the celebration of Children’s Day. The event was organized for all the students from grade 1-12 to make the day a memorable one. In spite of the difficulties posed due to the pandemic, teachers were able  to put this program together with the help of the media. The teachers expressed their affections and warmth to the students, through their numerous performances expressed in the form of poems, dance and songs. The event ran from 10:45am to 11:30am and was hosted by Mr. Prem Lama, the ECA and CCA coordinator. 

The first performance was by Ms. Puja Guruama, Nepali teacher, with the poem Timi sadai Rahnu where she expressed her best wishes to everyone and her faith in the beautiful poem. The second performance was dedicated to all the students and performed by the teachers of Early Years, where they shared all the precious pictures and memories of their students. The third performance was done by Mr. Swojjan, the dance teacher and mentor who performed a wonderful classical dance form known as Bharatanatyam. The fourth performance was done by the teachers of grade 3 and 4, where they  collectively sang 3 songs out of which 2 were nepali and 1 in English language. There was a special dance performance by Ms. Sujata, a teacher of grade 3, who did an energetic dance to the song “Dance Monkey”. The 6th performance was done by the grade 5 teachers who sang 3 touching songs named “Fireworks, At My Worst and You’ll Be In My Heart.” Lastly, the 7th performance was done by Ms. Prateema, where she recited lovely poems with beautiful words. 

While everyone is stuck at their various houses, the school did not back off on making this day so special and exceptional for the students. The entire program which revolved around children and the special bond between teachers and students has not only been a memorable program for all, but also stands to be one of the most celebrated events of Premier. The event came to a close with the Vice Principal Ms.Kanchan Mary Pradhan addressing all the children, sharing her final thoughts and wishing everyone a Happy Children’s Day!