By Prasamsa Moktan and Aashni Rungta

An amazing 10-week entrepreneurship course program has begun at Premier International School for the students of grade 12, starting from the 5th of September 2021. The workshop which starts from 10am – 12pm on Sundays, is conducted by the co-founder of Karkhana, Mr. Pavitra Bahadur Gautam, and his colleagues Ms. Sameeta Anjain and Mr. Sagun Khadka. The session was managed with ample activities for the students to have an overview of entrepreneurship.

Hence, the first session began with the students playing the snowball game to familiarize themselves with each other by sharing their respective realizations during the pandemic with one another. Activities like the name game, conversations on emotions, brainstorming, listening, and the cross association was done. For the name game session, a person with the rope had to express their names without speaking and unwinding it at the end. 

As the session pressed forward, Mr. Pavitra Gautam and the 12th graders had conversations on emotions, where the students got a different comprehension of the word and its expression towards life. They also had to rate themselves from 0-5 to know how confident they were in analyzing and understanding other people’s emotions and expressions. The most fascinating part for all the students was to examine the plutchik wheel of emotions, which is an infographic diagram that uses the color wheel to illustrate variations in humans and the relationship among emotions. The team further engaged in an engrossing activity revolving around the main theme of brainstorming and the broad mindset over entrepreneurship. They described the various ways of brainstorming such as the mind map, listening, and cross associating.

The session was part of the zero-credit course also known as the special course of Grade 12, which is to last for the next three months. It was a very interactive session amongst the students who found it extremely productive and informative. It was definitely a very fruitful session for the students aiming to develop an enlightening mindset on entrepreneurship.