By: Saachi Kedia and Shamvabi Acharya  

The Enchanter’s Act is a program hosted for students to showcase their talents and to have a platform to build their confidence. The Enchanter’s Act took place at Premier International School’s Executive Hall on the 20th of May 2022. This event was conducted for the 4th and 5th graders, where all the students showed active participation and great interest. The event was a great source of entertainment as the participants’ performances were enjoyable for the audience.

This was the first Enchanter’s Act for the year 2079 B.S. as it is usually held monthly in Premier, to create a platform where the students can exhibit their flair and passion. The event is usually conducted by the students under the supervision of the teachers, although as it is the first program of the year, it was managed and organized by the teachers. By allowing students to conduct the program, the students can develop skills such as leadership and teamwork, which would help them a lot in the future. The event was successful, with a total of 12 participants performing various arts such as dancing, singing, playing musical instruments, etc. There were new and interesting contents presented in the Act which includes classical dance and a speech conveyed by Anoushka Roy and Aayushman Agrawal, respectively. The Founder and Director of Premier International IB World School, Ms. Pawitra Limbu, was also in attendance, and she seemed to enjoy the various performances. The support provided by the school by creating such a platform motivates the students to take part and do better in extracurricular activities.

The program ended successfully with marvelous performances done by the students, and it sparked the interest of the audience, which includes students and their grade teachers. The audience eagerly awaits the next Enchanter’s Act, which will be organized the coming month in June.