By: Hriddhima Agarwal

Parent Orientation is an annual event that takes place every new session at Premier International IB World School. It is a program designed to update parents on what their children will learn for the academic year, which includes ECA and CCA activities. Parent Orientations for all grades were held on different days this academic session, from May 18th to May 20th, 2022.

At the orientation, the school principal, Mr. Niladri Shekhar Parial, gave an opening speech about the school and explained the new changes and progress that the school has been making. The school, according to him, has increased its ECA and CCA activities and is also providing new platforms for the students to showcase their skills and talents. The school’s academic director, Ms. Pravina Thapa, further explained how Premier is going to be Nepal’s first and only IB continuum school by offering three of the IB core programmes, which are the Primary Year Programme, Middle Year Programme, and the Diploma Programme. She continued by explaining the learning process of the students along with the IB philosophies and teaching plan. This was followed with the introduction of the Principal, Vice Principal, the MYP coordinator, Ms. Badhuli Rath, subject teachers, and Ms. Sharmistha Acharya Mukherjee, the IBDP coordinator. Afterwards, Mr. Prem Lama explained the emergency safety rules and school preparedness in the case of an emergency situation. After the general discussions, the parents of different grades had separate meetings to decide the PRs (parent representatives) for each grade. There was also an ice breaker activity for the parents which helped make the selection of PRs easier and effective. The PRs were selected for the purpose of helping the school implement its visions and plans successfully by making the communication between the parents and the school community easier. 

The parent orientations gave the parents a general idea of the teaching and learning of their wards and an opportunity to meet all newly added staff members of the school in-person. It enabled the parents to meet other parents in the school, by interacting through the various fun activities and presentations made. The parents were also able to catch up with the different changes and progress the school is making, and the orientation came to an end with High-tea and snacks time.