By Spriha Pokharel and Prasamsa Moktan

An award ceremony for the Art Competition which took place during the end of Summer Vacation and beginning of Quarter 2 was held in-person on Sunday, 12th September, 2021, where all the winners from Grades 1-12 were handed out certificates and awards for their exemplary artwork submission. The art competition provided an opportunity for students to get involved with their creative minds and refresh themselves even at home. Besides, since Quarter Two was right around the corner, this enabled students to revive themselves before starting yet another stimulating and exciting Quarter. 

Art, like any other form of expression is a wonderful way for individuals to showcase their talents and creativity. Although, events like these have the word “competition” in it, the true aim of hosting such events is to provide a nurturing platform for students to get in touch with themselves, explore their deep-rooted calibers and develop it while enjoying the process of learning and creating, rather than getting hyper-fixated on the final product. 

Additionally, themes were provided to each Grades in order to give them a little bit of challenge and encourage them to critically think about how they were to incorporate their own unique art-style with the given theme. All the artworks that were submitted had their own authenticity and reflected the thought process of a true Premierian!

Mahima Singh, the co-founder of Bikalpa Art center was invited for the selection of winners. Presented below are the results of the winners of the Art Competition 2021 who were awarded last weekend:


Grade 1-3   

Theme- Summer Fun or Mandala

1st Place: Tisa Mali

2nd Place: Heetan Ghising

3rd Place: Aadhya Khandelwal

Grade 4-5

Theme- My Dream World or Nature

1st Place: Apekshya Shrestha

2nd Place: Arzu Takayanagi Rajbhandari

3rd Place: Rhydm Sharma

Grade 6-8

Theme- Shades and Shadow

1st Place: Navda Tiwari

2nd Place:Sanvee

3rd Place:Mariyah

Grade 9-12

Theme- Identity

1st place: Nandita Raj Vaidhya 

2nd place: Aayush

Special Mention (s)-

Public Choice Award: Vaani Agrawal

                                       Saana Agrawal and 

                                        Lakshya Agrawal.

Congratulations to all the winners and the participants who had the determination to take this challenge upon themselves. At the end of the day, winning is not everything but the effort put into it that counts. So, if you ever had the mere courage of drafting your idea for an artwork and have genuinely enjoyed the process, then no one can tell you that you yourself aren’t a winner. Events like these take place all the time in Premier, and all students will definitely get plenty of chances to become a part of more competitions and growth platforms like these in the future. 

Additional Pictures: