By: Alina Giri

The most awaited School’s Body Election preparation began early In May with the active and tremendous participation from the students. The school was able to follow up on its tradition of organizing campaigns for candidates vying for the position of President and Vice President. 

The Presidential Debate took place on 2nd June 2022, at the School auditorium hall. This was the first time since the resumption of in-person school for a physical debate to take place in the school; after two years of online studies.

The event commenced at 12:55 pm and ended at 1: 45 pm with the school’s former President, Ms. Dakshyta Tamang, Vice President, Mr. Kashyap Gauchan, and Ms. Aashni Rungta welcoming all the students and teachers. All the students of the Middle Years Program were present during the debate cheering and supporting their nominees. As the program continued, the candidates briefly introduced themselves and their logos, after which Ms. Dakshyata Tamang and Mr. Kashyap Gauchan asked some questions to each candidate in multiple rounds.

The aspirants for the post of President this year are :

Tanisha Rajbhandari G9B (Denoted by Pillar)

Samek Karki G9Y (Denoted by Dog Paws)

Naman Rajgadia G9Y (Denoted by Anchor)

Aryan Joshi G9Y ( Denoted by Shark)

The aspirants for the post of Vice-President are: 

Sanabhi Gupta G9Y (Denoted by Lionix, mix of lion and phoenix)

Agrata Regmi I G9B (Denoted by Balloon)

Shyaum Shrestha G9B (Denoted by Football)

On 3rd June 2022, the election successfully took place at the School’s executive hall with each MYP student voting for their President and Vice President candidates. The students had to cast only one vote each for their candidates. On 7th June 2022, the results were announced followed by an Oath Taking Ceremony in the school assembly. The winner for the position of the President for the year 2022/23 is Ms. Tanisha Rajbhandari, who promises to make a better environment in school by launching different clubs and activities, and the Vice President for the year 2022/23 is Shyaum Shrestha, who wants to bring back the schools’ fun, adventurous, and most loved activities which were on hold due to the Covid pandemic.

Therefore, The school body election successfully ended.