By: Hriddhima Agarwal and Jeeya Prasai

“Bullies don’t like to fight. They like to win. Being afraid is normal. The only fight you have to win is the one against fear. ” -Kwame Alexander

Bullying has become a global problem all around us. According to statistics carried out by the National Bullying Prevention Center, one out of five students gets bullied every day. The practice of celebrating Anti-Bullying Week at Premier International IB Continuum School is a tradition that has been ongoing for years. According to the ECA Coordinator Mr. Kazu Singh Thakuri, It is usually celebrated to understand the various forms of bullying, to make students and teachers understand the impacts of bullying, and to raise awareness against it for students to feel confident about themselves and to share their experiences so others can be encouraged to speak up.

This year, the Anti-Bullying week was observed from June 6th, 2022,  till June 10th, 2022.  It was celebrated only for a week, but it is believed to leave a lesson for the students throughout their lifetime. There were different activities held every day of the week.

Day 1: The first day of the week was the Crazy Hair Day and everyone came to school with the craziest hair possible. The teachers also took the students to the School Executive Hall to watch a movie related to anti-bullying. 

Day 2: The second day was ‘Odd/Old Shoes Day.’ Students came in odd pairs of shoes to show that everyone was different. A poster-making competition was also held on the same day.

Day 3: On this day, everyone came in odd and funny pairs of socks, the reason for this was to show how everyone is, and no one should judge them for their differences.

Day 4:  This was ‘Pajama Day.’ Students and teachers came with their pajamas to the school on this day

Day 5: On the last day of Anti-Bullying Week, all students wore the new school T-shirt to celebrate the IBDP accreditation. There was also a monologue competition related to anti-bullying which gave the participants a platform to share their personal stories and promote anti-bullying. 

Conclusively, the main goal of the week was to show support to victims of bullying and discourage this act among students. The different activities held during the week were to promote love and togetherness and end the culture of bullying. Stop Bullying! No one deserves to feel worthless.