By Spriha Pokharel and Alina Giri

On Friday, 10th December 2021, Premier Education Network (PEN) organized a session, ‘Resilience During the Pandemic and Beyond’ in collaboration with Nepal Montessori Training Center (NMTC) where leaders from different schools in Nepal shared their experience, best practices, and varieties of ways to support each other during unprecedented times and the long-lasting effects of the global pandemic on the entire world. The conference started around 3:30 PM at Premier International School and was led by the Academic Director Ms. Pravina Thapa and the School Director Ms. Pawitra Limbu.

The event began with the welcoming of guests by the Directors followed by a Teatime and a short school tour. Ms. Nikita Agrawal, one of the leading members of Mother’s Bride Pre-School expressed her excitement about the seminar and how she was eager to hear different perspectives and stories of each educator’s coping mechanism and suggestions for unusual circumstances like these. Throughout the workshop, all guests conveyed the threats, opportunities, and concerns of online schooling and how developing a sufficient amount of cooperation with one another could help simplify learning and create a better-suited environment for both educators and students. The workshop was an excellent platform for all participants to share, discuss, and develop solutions for the ongoing crisis.

The COVID-19 has affected every sector in the past years in ways imaginable; especially the educational field with school closures lasting longer than anticipated. Its impact has not only affected children, but also all educators across the world because they had to find ways to cultivate a new and effective learning environment suitable for all students, which is not an easy task.

According to Ms. Pawitra Limbu, the President of the Nepal Montessori Association, 18 months inside confinement is not normal, especially not for children who are supposed to grow up in an interactive community with support systems that schools and institutions provide. One of the main objectives of organizing the session for all educators, according to her, was to find ways to help learners because in the end, school is more than academics; it is about supporting a child’s growth both inside and out. Premier Education Network took the opportunity to assemble school leaders of educational systems to help improve student development, teacher’s impact, and support the school communities. Additionally, it also believes that; professional knowledge can make a significant contribution to an educator’s resilience and well-being.