By:Alina Giri and Hriddima Agrawal    

On the 22nd of February 2022, a short assembly was held at the main school building for (Middle Year Program) MYP and Grade 11-12 (Senior High School), in honor of the Student Editorial Team’s (SET) 3rd Quarter student magazine publication. This was a very prominent moment for all because it was the first printed student magazine published by SET in the history of Premier. The assembly began with Ms. Pravina Thapa, the School’s Academic Director congratulating the SET members for the successful publication of the magazine in a short period of time despite the challenges they faced.

The assembly began at 9:15 am with Aashni Rungta the Senior Editor and Bavinee Shrestha Thapa the Copywriter of the team introducing themselves and officially displaying a copy of the magazine to everyone present, while talking about it in a nutshell. The E-magazine from Quarter 2 made by the team (SET) is also the first digital magazine ever made in Premier. Ms. Pravina encouraged all the students to utilize the opportunities provided to them by the school, so they can make meaningful impacts to themselves and the society aside from academics. She mentioned a beautiful quote by Henry Ford, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”  She appreciated the hard work and diligence put towards the production of the magazine, and how all members of the team were constantly carrying out their duties to make it possible.

The kind continuous support of the advisors, Ms. Priscilla Samuel, Mr. Rajesh Ghimire and the consultant of the team, Mr. Bibek Shrestha was acknowledged. They seamlessly mentored and assisted the team throughout the magazine production process. It should be noted that the magazine ‘Essence of Premerians’, incorporates various topics from the school events to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The main purpose of the magazine is to create awareness amongst the students on the pressing issues of the world, develop a professional writing culture within the students, provide a platform to encourage students to unleash their creativity through professionalism in writing, express opinions and to create awareness on the chosen topics. Finally, the assembly ended with a photo session with the SET members and Ms. Pravina Thapa.