On the 6th of February 2022, Premier International IB World School organized a Covid vaccination program for its students and students from two other schools which are; Moonlight School and Mahendra Adarsha School. The first dose of the vaccination was administered on 13th January 2022, and the second on 6th February 2022. The event took place from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm at the premises of Premier International IB World School. The program was scheduled to allow the students to get vaccinated as soon as possible following the necessary safety protocols, and it was designed for students from the age of 12-18 years old.

Covid-19 has highly impacted the world, leading to difficulty in functioning socially and people unable to go about their everyday lives since it was discovered. However, the impact of the pandemic and its consequences are felt differently depending on one’s status as an individual and as a member of society. As a result, people try to adapt to working from home and homeschooling their children to reduce being exposed to the virus which leads to various health issues and high death rates. The pandemic also affected the social and economic conditions of people globally. To enable the younger generation to overcome the above challenges, Premier gave opportunities to students to get vaccinated appropriately.

The event was supervised by professional health workers and teachers of the school to ensure it was conducted smoothly and to also help the students maintain social distance among themselves.