By:  Alina Giri and Aalhya adhikari

Premier International IB World School has consistently provided a platform for the students to showcase their talents and share their experiences. Premierians actively engaged in the Anti-Bully Week which began on 6th June 2022 and was concluded on 10th June 2022 with a monologue event about bullying. A monologue is a form of drama where the character speaks to itself. The participants were students from grades 5 to 10 who took part in the contest organized by Mr. Sujan Oli, the Drama teacher at the school. This event was done to officially mark the end of the Anti-Bullying Week. 

The event began at 10:30 am with Ms. Aarshiya Gorkhali and Mr. Arom Pradhan welcoming all the participants and audiences to the event. The students from grade 5 to grade 12 were present during the event. The purpose of the monologue event was to have the participant share their experiences and provide encouraging words to the victims of bullying. The preparation for the monologue began on 3rd June 2022, with the interested people giving their names for the contest and selected students officially presenting their performance on 10th June 2022, at the school auditorium hall.

There were altogether 17 selected candidates for the monologue, ranging from Grade 5-to 10.

Name of the participants:

Aagaman Gautam, 

Prasansha Purkayastha,

Aayushman Agrawal, 

Aarya Gyawali, 

Ashray Agrawal,

Aarsiya Basnet, 

Aarya Mittal,

Shivansh Mittal,

Saurya Shrestha,

Suprina Adhikari, 

Saanvi Thapa, 

Hriddhima Agrawal, 

Aanay Gupta, 

Arnav Singh,

Sakshyam Gupta, 

Riddhina Aryal and 

Tejaswee Bhandari

In the end, the Principal, Mr. Niladri Sekhar Parial, shared a synopsis of his own experience of being a victim of bullying. He reassured the students that he would help the victims feel that they were not alone by giving them the support they need, and ensuring that bullying is eradicated from the school. Thus, the monologue event came to an end and the program helped students learn how to respond to bullying, prevent it and also encouraged people to speak up and stand up. With this, Anti-Bullying Week for the year 2022 officially came to an end.