By: Sanabhi Gupta

A piece of artwork is fascinating, but what’s more glamorous is the whole art gallery. On  June 1, 2022, the 9th graders of Premier International IB World School got to experience the same glamorous adventure which one of them said was pretty unexpected. The trip was led by the school art teacher Ms. Mahima Singh. The purpose of the field trip was to engage the students in the theme of Pop Art. Hence, they visited the Bikalpa Art Gallery located in Pulchowk in the school vans.

An artist of the Bikalpa Art Gallery, Ms. Namami Rana greeted the class and guided them all around the painting section of the gallery. There, the students observed various amazing film-related artworks along with aesthetically pleasing works of Lain Singh Bangdel (The father of Modern Art in Nepal). Then they proceeded to the photography section of the gallery where they gained knowledge regarding the history of art alongside the process of photography starting from yellow and black to colourful ones. Likewise, the trip continued; with a  short walk to another art gallery; RN Joshi Museum/Park Gallery, which was just as fascinating as the first one. The students were welcomed by the pictures of gods and dragons followed by the pictures regarding human life and spirituality and a few self-portraits by the artists. The tour was intriguing and educational for the passionate ninth graders. They learned stories about the artists and how their art represents their struggle, pain, and success. There were numerous healing arts as well that tickle one’s physiology to ease stress and get relaxed.

The artistic adventure enhanced a sense of preserving art culture in the students as they learned about Nepali artists and their artwork. Although all the artworks may not have looked colorful, as some were abstract and others straightforward, they all represented Nepali culture and it is in the hands of new generations of art enthusiasts to protect them.

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