By:Prasamsa Moktan

Premier International IB World School has successfully introduced IB PYP (Primary Years Program), MYP (Middle Years Program), and DP (Diploma Program) programs into its system, which makes it Nepal’s first and only IB continuum school. For the newly introduced IBDP curriculum, the school organized a weeklong IBDP preparatory course for the program, under the guidance of the IBDP Faculty and Coordinator, Ms. Sharmistha Acharya Mukharjee. IBDP stands for International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. This introductory program was held at the school’s auditorium for the SEE (Secondary Education Examination) graduated batch of the year 2078 B.S. students, for them to have a glimpse of the upcoming 2-year tenure in the IBDP. 

According to the IBDP coordinator, Ms. Sharmistha, “the introduction of IBDP is the curriculum apt for 21st-century kids. Unlike other content like Cambridge, where the contents are too heavy, IB is very balanced as it focuses on conceptual understanding. It prepares students for the future.” When inquired about the difference between the IB and the regular curriculum of Nepal, Ms. Sharmistha said that Nepal’s education curriculum can be considered very structural and is a very traditional way of teaching and learning. But IB is designed in a way that balances the content and the skill development. A holistic development takes place as it provides learning for writing thesis and reports. The students were clarified about the expectations and requirements of the IBDP curriculum and how this curriculum is going to help them in the future for overseas university admissions as well. Moreover, students were introduced to the core subjects of IBDP; Theory of Knowledge (TOK), Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS), and Extended Essay (EE). EE teaches students to write a 4000 word essay which can be considered a mini thesis, which helps students in university level to write thesis and reports. TOK  helps in analyzing knowledge and teaches how to use them in real life. Whereas CAS stands for Creativity, Activity, and Service, which focuses on and provides evidence of a holistic development that has happened. Through the orientation, students were also enlightened on why they should choose IBDP, and additional briefings about the facilities to be provided by the school were shared.

Hence, the IBDP orientation event came to an end. The preparatory week was successfully concluded through the briefings about the IBDP curriculum and the facilities to be provided by the school, while the students are looking forward to a delightful year ahead being the first batch of Premier’s IBDP program.