By-Harsh Ghiraiya 

Women! Who are they? Just toys? No! Women are an important part of society who have been neglected for a long and tagged as the weaker gender, thereby faced with discrimination and inhumane treatment. According to history, International Women’s Day began from the efforts of labor organizations across North America and Europe in the twentieth century who began agitations for women’s inclusiveness in society by availing them the same rights as their male counterparts. It became recognized as a day set aside to celebrate women’s progress, women’s empowerment and recognition, women’s outstanding achievements and eliminate the discrimination against the feminine gender across the world. On this day many women celebrate themselves, and people award women for their good deeds. To this end, March 8th of every year was set aside globally to celebrate and appreciate women, which is now known as the International Women’s Day celebration. On this day, Premier Education Network (PEN) organized a one-day integration retreat for all of its staff; not just to celebrate women alone, but also men, as they are also not exempted from discrimination in society. The school celebrated this day as the Human Day Celebration.

The theme for this year’s Women’s Day celebration was “gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow.” The staff integration annual retreat organized by the school on this day availed all staff of the school — regardless of gender — an opportunity to come together and celebrate themselves for the meaningful contribution they make in the institution to ensure that the school’s goal of ‘developing global citizens who can thrive in the ever-changing world is met. According to the Principal Mr. Niladri Sekhar Parial, the retreat was organized on International Women’s Day, a day of inclusiveness and gender equality for all genders that are important for an inclusive society. All educators of the school came together to share a portion of their lives, be happy, relax, get to know each other, and took an oath of giving their best every day to the students. The fun-filled event was celebrated with a relaxed atmosphere, of music, dance, drama, karaoke, and refreshment for all participants. 

Although this auspicious day is set aside for the celebration of women for gender equality, they are still largely discriminated against in most societies; this does not mean other genders are usually not discriminated against, which was the reason the school used this opportunity to celebrate all humans regardless of gender. Therefore, Human’s Day ought to be celebrated every day with equal opportunities and equality to all around the world.