By: Saanvi Thapa & Saachi Kedia

On 2nd March 2022, a Spelling Bee competition was held for the Middle Years Programme (MYP) and Primary Years Programme (PYP) students of Premier International IB World School. The competition aims to help students improve their spellings, increase vocabulary and develop correct Nepali and English vocabulary usage, which will ultimately help them throughout their lives. The competition took place at the school premises, and the participants were from grades 6, 7, and 9 for MYP, and grades 4 and 5 from PYP, with 12 participants in each grade for both Nepali and English respectively. 

There were three rounds in the competition. The first round for MYP was the multiple-choice round in which participants were required to spell the words on a particular number they chose. In the PYP, the moderator announces a word for which multiple answers were shown in the slide. The participant was expected to answer within 15 seconds in the Pronounce Spell Pronounce (PSP) format and was awarded 10 points if spelled correctly. The second round is the general round, which consists of 6 spellings for each speller. 10 points were given for correct answers and 5 points were deducted for an incorrect answer. Next, is the rapid-fire round in which participants rapidly spelled a set of words within 1 minute.  In Nepali Spelling Bee there were 5 rounds in total where 3 people got eliminated in the first round. The second round was dedicated to the audience who participated in the competition as well. In the third round, a dictation was taken where the participants got 6-word meaning rounds. In the fourth round, 5 points were awarded for spelling and 5 for pronunciation of words. Finally, in the last round, the winners were selected based on their performance. 

At the end of these exciting rounds, the winners were announced.

PYP English spelling competition (Grade 4 & 5)

  • Aarav Agrawal from grade 5 blue –  First position
  • Aayushman Agrawal from grade 4  yellow- Second position
  • Aashray Agrawal from grade 5 yellow – Third position

Nepali spelling competition (Grade 4 & 5)

  • Aaron Maharjan from grade 4 yellow  – First position
  • Vaani Agrawal from grade 4 yellow – Second position
  • Anvi Jain from grade 5 blue- Third position.

MYP English spelling competition (Grade 6 & 7) 

  • Sahil Das from grade 7 yellow – First position 
  • Hriddhima Agarwal from grade 7 blue- Second position
  • Abhigya Shrestha from grade 6 yellow – Third position.

MYP (Grade 6 & 7) Nepali spelling competition

  • Lehan Shah from grade 7 yellow – First position.
  • Hriman Humagain from grade 6 blue  – Second position
  • Saurya Shrestha from grade 6 yellow – Third position

MYP (Grade 9) English spelling competition

  • Anirudh Sharma from grade 9 blue – First position
  • Sudansu Khatiwada from grade 9 yellow – Second position
  • Lusun Tuladhar from grade 9 yellow – third position 

MYP (Grade 9) Nepali spelling competition

  • Shubham Bagaria from grade 9 yellow – First position
  • Rajat Shrestha from grade 9 blue – Second position
  • Prayash Rai from grade 9 yellow – Third position