By Sanabhi Gupta

The Parents-Teacher Conference (PTC) for the Primary Year Program (PYP), and the Student Parents-Teacher Conference (SPTC) for Middle Year Program (MYP) were held on 22nd July 2022, for the 2079 B.S academic year after the completion of the 1st quarter in Premier International IB Continuum School. The purpose of the conference was to allow the parents to see the progress report of their kids, and the series of assessments done in the previous quarter. The conference was also the time to bond with the parents and the child’s teacher.

The teachers were eager to talk one-on-one with all their students’ parents, while the students’ got feedback on their progress from the prospective teacher.​​ In the MYP and PYP, the teachers handed the grades to the parents, pointing out the student’s strengths, weaknesses and how to improve on them. It also provided an opportunity for the parents to meet the teachers who recently joined the school for the year 2079. 

The PTC was successful as it allowed parents and teachers to discuss strategic measures needed for the overall growth, well-being and academic performance of the children and parents additionally gave feedback on their children and the school.