By Harsh Ghiraiya 

The Students of Premier International IB World School began their sweet journey of learning in the new academic session from the year 2079 B.S with the reconstruction of the school’s cafeteria. Going back to school is usually fun and interesting to students when it includes being welcomed with new special features such as a face-lift of the school’s cafeteria for the PYP and MYP students. The cafeteria was redesigned and restructured for the student to create a more conducive dining area to provide Premierians with a better experience. The construction for the dining hall began early on April 24th, 2022, and it was officially completed for use by students on May 17th, 2022. 

The new features at the cafeteria include a television for entertainment purposes, a comfortable and luxurious seating area for more comfort, a new tree house-themed hall to improve the dining experience, and separate serving counters for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians to eradicate long queues and many more. The previous cafeteria did not have these features, which made the dining hall more attractive. Because the remodeling was done during the first week of the school reopening, the school ensured that there were plans in place for students to have their meals in a hygienic environment, while the construction was ongoing. However, snacks were provided in the respective classes. 

The new construction of the cafeteria pleased the students and provided a better environment for meals to be enjoyed and for relaxation. All the school members are happy with the steps taken by the school as the dining hall is more comfortable and convenient for students and teachers.