By- Harsh Ghiraiya 

The PYP exhibition 2022 was hosted by the 5th graders as one of the summative assessments to have a self-led inquiry by the students with the help of mentors for the completion of their Primary Year Programs before graduating to the Middle Year Program. The exhibition takes place every year at the end of the session, and it helps the student to be confident about leading their inquiry, proper application of Approach to Learning (ATL) skills, which they plan themselves during the exhibition, assess themselves at the end and apply these skills as they progress in their academic journey. It was amazing to see the young learners portray their creativity, learning, and their knowledge in different creative ways. This year, the event took place from the 23rd of March to the 25th of March 2022, and the students of Premier were the first to visit followed by students from other schools in the valley. Each grade was allotted a time slot to visit the exhibition and collect information from the 5th graders. Due to the pandemic, the exhibition in the previous year was done online, however, the students were excited to organize the exhibition for this year physically. 

The brilliant young minds get to display their knowledge and learning through this exhibition. They also develop life skills that would help their life-long learning. Some of the skills they learned are social skills and communication skills. The students started by collecting information for the exhibition from the start of the session, went through different phases, and took part in different activities to achieve their goals for the event. The students gathered information from guest speakers who are professionals on the chosen topic, they went on different field trips, and also participated in various activities during this period. On the first day of the exhibition, the students of Premier took a tour around all exhibition venues and gathered knowledge from the presentations made. On the second day, the parents of the students visited the school and got updated on the progress their children have made over the years. On the third day, students from other schools visited the exhibition and they were given a tour and they got information and interesting facts shared by the fifth graders.  

Most schools host exhibitions as such, but what makes Premier’s different is that the students are not pressured at the last moment as they learn from the beginning of the sessions, and have the opportunity to carry out adequate research on their chosen topic, which prepares them for the exhibition. This decreases the amount of pressure put on the students and encourages them to be independent learners and creative thinkers. The event also helped to boost the presentation and interactive skills of the children, which will further prepare them for the upcoming academic years.