By Alina Giri

The first-ever introductory workshop on graphics designing was held on Wednesday, December 1, 2021, within the school premises for the Student Editorial Team as well as other interested students. The workshop began at 9:50 am and ended at 11:10 am. The engaging course was conducted by Mr.Anuj Shrestha, a graphic designer of the Nepalese most bought and published newspaper Kantipur, and has been in the field of graphic designing for over 14 years. He shared his impressive ideas, specialties, and varieties of samples to help the student learn more about layout designing and provided feedback and suggestions on the previously published E-magazine of the school ‘The Essence of Premierans.’ The primary purpose of this session was to teach the students what graphic designing entails, help them figure out various layout designs, and learn about the methods used in a print publication. Mr.Anuj provided participants with a sample through a virtual presentation while Mr.Shrestha shared in the session how he has had a keen interest in designing since he was a kid, which helped to shape him into who he is today. 

The appealing and informative session helped students nurture their interest in designing and enabled them to work better in the field. The warm event began with a basic introduction of all the participants present, making it a friendly and comfortable program. According to him, there are 3 areas of an editorial team: writers, designers, and photographers; which he believes are equally important. He then started his tutorial by working with students using the In Design Adobe Photoshop, sharing the general ideas and concepts such as bylines, headers, kickers, intro, pull quotes, and bleeds; he also gave a broad introduction to the interface and the system of how to work on designs. He then continued by giving proper details on how the technical and design aspects work.

Furthermore, he stated that “As a designer, whenever you begin a project, always start with a sketch or a plan.” Students learned how to focus on the precise details of the layout, and how to give the audience the kind of layout designs that would be interesting to them; which is the primary purpose of the publication of a magazine. Participants were also able to recognize the features that look insignificant in magazines that also add to a magazine’s publication.

Hence, the first workshop for the Student Editorial Team and the other students on layout designing came to an end after productive discussions. The warm event ended with a questions and answers session between Mr. Shrestha and the students.