By- Aarshiya Gorkhali

Foosball also known as table soccer is an inclusive sport unknown to all. The students of Premier International IB World School were introduced to this sport on 16th March 2022, with a short event held at the school auditorium. The event which was led by Mr. Umesh Ghimire who is the treasurer of NFTA which is recognized by ITSF, started from 9:45 am and was conducted for the students of grades 6, 7, 8 and 9. He gave a brief session about the sport and how it is a trending sport at the moment. This sport, he said, helps to improve hand-eye coordination, and the thinking skills of students, which helps improve academics to a maximum level. 

The event started with a short introductory video of the sport, which gave all of the viewers an insight of how the sport is played. Mr. Umesh gave a short introduction of Foosball as an inclusive sport that can be played by people from the young age of 4 to age 65. According to him, this game is also in the World Cup which is coming up soon and will be hosted in France this June 2022. The students also learnt about how the sport helps students build up their skills and develop their brain in a way that their reflex actions improve tremendously. In addition to that, the sport also sharpens the brain, helps players think outside the box, and the game also helps students stay off regular use of gadgets. Mr. Ghimire shared the history of the game which he said was first invented in Germany during the First World War. It then slowly spread across America in the 1950s after which it became popular in Europe. Mr. Umesh also talked about the Foosball Championships that was hosted by the team of NFTA in Nepal before the COVID-19  pandemic. The team of NFTA hosted an international championship in Nepal where people from countries like; India, Portugal, and Malaysia participated. The event was also supported by ITSF.

The information shared helped the students learn a lot about the sport. Which he said is soon going to be globally recognized. At the end of the session, there was a question and answer session where the students put out their queries which were addressed by Mr. Ghimire. The short event came to an end at 10:20 am.