By: Alina Giri

On June 27, 2022, Premier International IB Continuum School’s first high school graduation ceremony for grade 12 took place at the school’s auditorium. In attendance were the graduands parents, students, well-wishers, and teachers. The atmosphere of the program was full of happiness for the students as they recounted their journey through the past years and were excited, they were able to scale through the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. The event comprised joyful performances, congratulatory speeches, certificate issuance, oath-taking, and the hat-throwing ceremony.

The ceremony commenced at 2:05 pm with opening remarks from the High School Coordinator, Achyut Lamsal, the school’s Principal, Mr. Niladri Shekhar Parial; the school Vice Principal, Ms. Kanchan Mary Pradhan; IBDP Coordinator, Ms. Sharmistha Mukharjee; Middle Years Program Coordinator, Ms. Badhuli Rath; school Managing Director, Mr. Basanta Thapa; and former Diploma Coordinator, Mr. Rajesh Ghimire. Few of them proudly shared a congratulatory note with all the students, praising their hard work, resilience, and all the struggles they faced in their journey.

As the event proceeded, there was a short dance performance by the MYP students, followed by an oath ceremony which was led by Ms. Kanchan Mary Pradhan. The graduands promised to become inclusive citizens to become better people and have a marvelous future ahead. The certificate hand-over was done by the teachers. Afterward, the teachers, parents, and students recounted their joyous experiences in the school, followed by hat-throwing, cake cutting, and a display of the activities done by the students during their school year. One of the graduates, Mr. Bibatsu Raj Gautam, shared his experience in Premier and how thankful he is for everything and for everyone that helped him shape who he is today. “I am grateful that Premier has provided multiple opportunities to make me a better person,” said Yashna Tamrakar, one of the graduands.

The High School Graduation Ceremony of batch 2022 successfully concluded at 3:20 pm and the students were thankful for all the academic learning in the school despite the challenges they faced. The staff and members of Premier International IB Continuum School wish the graduands all the best as they proceed with their academic journey in the future.