By: Sanabhi Gupta and Prasamsa Moktan

As Premier International School started its Academic Year 2079, the first week was filled with a lot of activities and students getting to meet new classmates, new teachers, extracurricular activities, and orientation programs. On the first week of resumption, there was an orientation program on robotics led by Mr. Bikash Gurung and his team from the Robotics Association of Nepal (RAN). They visited the school to introduce robotics to the students of grades 8, 9, and 10. The five team members from RAN consists of Mr. Bikash Gurung, Mr. Rishav Gurung, Mr. Tek KC, Ms. Pooja Shah and Mr. Sanjay Rana.

Mr. Gurung is the current President of the RAN and he also holds the position of Executive Director for the Mission Oxygen Team (MOT) which focuses on saving people’s lives, by providing technical support services on biomedical equipment. He is also an executive member of the National Innovation Digital Network, a committee member of the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) Information and Communication Technology (ICT). As the recognition of robotics and the AI (Artificial Intelligence) field is increasing, the scope and opportunities in this domain are growing wider than in any other field. Realizing the importance of AI and its potential, the team of RAN taught the younger generation of students the necessary skills of robotics and AI.

Mr. Gurung shared his exciting plans to collaborate with the students of grades 8, 9, and 10, and robotics will be introduced as an ECA (Extra-Curricular Activity) in the school. There are a total of 32 hours of courses on robotics in an academic year where students will get the opportunity to learn codes, design mechanics, and learn about drones and hardware programming. Apart from the ECA, the school intends to have special courses on drones, 3D printing, AI-related courses, projects, and professional robots. The aim of introducing robotics to the students of Premier is to provide students with cutting-edge knowledge about the most exciting, advanced, and hopeful fields for their prospects. Additionally, the goal is also to participate in national and international level robotic competitions and organize robotics exhibition projects.