By Saachi Kedia and Prasamsa Moktan

The Duke of Edinburgh International Award is a non-formal educational program, considered to be the world’s leading youth activity award for people ages 14-24 regardless of their gender, physical ability, and background. It is aimed at challenging young people and is an award-winning activity that is recognized all over the world. Over 130 countries have initiated the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award program and more than one million young people have been actively participating in it.

Mr. Dev Raj Ghimire the Vice-Chairman of the Duke of Edinburgh International Award Community of Nepal, and Miss Pratistha Chand who is an intern there and the bronze and silver award recipient of the Duke of Edinburgh award, visited Premier International IB Continuum School on the 28th July 2022. They interacted with the students of grades 8 – 10 with briefings about the program to help them master skills that are best acquired outside the classroom. This is a non-competitive program that helps individuals develop life skills, which is a wonderful opportunity open to Premerians since the Covid outbreak. The Duke of Edinburgh award program requires an individual to do voluntary service, skills, physical recreation, and adventurous journey. Voluntary service includes doing activities such as charity work and community education, while the skills require one to work in the aspect of music, arts, crafts, or vocational skills. Physical recreation on the other hand means improving one’s physical fitness, and well-being, and getting active.  

The program came to an end by enlightening the student on what the award was all about, and the criteria essential in taking part in the award. The Duke of Edinburgh Award is a program that will help students enhance their confidence, communication, and physical well-being.